War Settles Nothing Essay

War Achieves Nothing, Solves Nothing   

Synopsis:  War creates an endless vicious circle of hatred, discord and destructing.  Terror, exploitation, suppression and atrocities lead to wars, revolutions and rebellions. Wars and armed conflicts recur like epidemics and cause untold suffering, devastation and destruction.   They save nothing, settle no issue as they are big ego-trips of over-ambitious political leaders.  We have not learnt anything from past experiences or history as is evident from recurrence of wars and armed conflicts.  We often forte the true victory lays me the conquest of hearts and not in destruction and annexation lands and countries.  One war lads to another and yet to more ward.  They are a great challenge to man’s urge for peace, harmony and cooperation and must be faced successfully.  It is high time that we merge our nationalism into internationalism and strive t attain the goal o one united world.

            There are many different reasons and causes that ultimately result in wars, revolutions, uprisings and rebellions on large scales.  The French revolution tool place in France during k1789-99. It was the Revolution against the monarchy and aristocracy which had unlimited privileges and powers.  They had let loose a reign of terror, suppression, exploitation and atrocities on the masses.  Therefore people en masse revolted against the boles, princes and privileged classes.  The French kin was taken prisoner and then executed; Gred thnker and philosophers like Montesquieu, Voltaire and Rousseau provided the revolution the ideological base, inspiration and impetus.

            In this age of information technology things are changing at a very fast speed. The use of good old telephone and fax machines not-withstanding, electronic mail, audio and video conferencing, voice mail etc. are gradually replacing them and becoming the preferred way of inter-action and communication in the offices.  Electronic mail (E-mail) is a process of sending, receiving, storing and forwarding textual messages in digital form through telecommunication channels.  Pictorial matter can be telel-transmitted through fax of facsimiles.  E-mail is becoming increasingly popular also because of cost effectiveness.  A text can be tele-transmitted through E-mail at the cost of local telephone call.  

There are many types of computers to choose from to suit you requirements and pocket. Computers are valuable tools of productivity, communication, education, entertainment etc.  They are being used very purposefully and effectively as a complete communication center, or a home theater to watch and listen favorite movies and albums with superb picture and sound quality.  Computers with fax modems allow the user access to any file in the office server and working on it.

In the fast changing office scenario, one can’t do without these marvels of technology. Take for example, the internet; it has the advantages of the World Wide Web (WWW), a very useful tool of any office.  You can have any type of information at your convenience through internet, Moreover; you can advertise and market your products and services across the globe at a very low cost through internet.  Similarly, the use of pagers is very cost-effective and so popular.  As 70 per cent or more communications are one way, there is nothing like pagers.  The use of a pager as a complement to cellular phone is highly advisable.

There are, today in the world, over 5,000 nuclear weapons, The combined destructive power of these nuclear arsenals in estimated to be equivalent to that of one million Hiroshima Bombs or about 14 billion tokens of TNT, which represents three tones of each and every man, woman and child, It is said that these weapons of mass destruction can turn this only living planet into a dead one in no time 50 times over.  In such a scenario, the much hyped CTBT and the so called over disarmament proposals and schemes fade into an unmitigated farce and gimmickry. 

            We have had been living in a constant environment of fear, doubts, suspicions, hatred, un-controlled political and national ambitions, exploitation and tensions,  The path to ease tensions and alleviate sufferings lies not in war and stockpiling of destructive but I restoration of tolerance, mutual trust, cooperation, peace, non-violence and settlement of disputes through bilateral talks and dialogues.  There is an urgent need to make sacrifices for larger interest of improved international relations, harmony, economic mica and social well-bring of the entire humanity. National sovereignty should merge into international sovereignty.  This is the only way to improve chances of better and prolonged survival, environment and healthy and meaningful living conditions. 

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Here is another fantastic piece if writing by Ivan who attended the advanced class and was asked to make a speech regarding a famous quote about war. Ivan chose to speak about Agatha Christie’s following quote.

One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one.” (Agatha Christie)

The purpose of the present essay is to strongly support the point of view that war should be avoided at any cost, provided that it won’t cost lives.

We all know from previous historical experiences that war is no good and brings no advantages to the parts involved in a conflict, no matter who the winner is.

On those grounds, we’d better search for pacific solution to any serious disagreements between nations, otherwise they can eventually end up in armed conflicts.

Through all mankind history, wars have destroyed cities and their wealth and have also cost many, many lives, irrespective whether they are at the winners side or the losers side. What’s more, thousands and thousands of civilians have been killed or injured. So, it’s dead important we try any other choice before declaring war. We can’t, in the name of sovereignty, or even in the name of peace, go on killing one another.

Starting a war is a bit like easy, but we can never know exactly how to bring it to a stop. That’s why we must believe that things can still be done differently. It’s always worth giving peace a chance.

In short, war is for barbarians. Please, don’t even start such a stupid thing.

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