Soar High School Interview Assignment

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Soar High School is a amazing School, as it allows for great opportunities for great students. As It allows for dual enrollment with its association with Antelope Valley College, this has granted the students of Soar High school with the opportunity to earn their Associates Degree while in High School.
SOAR is an amazing school where you can not only get a phenomenal high school education but a college education as well. It is a relatively small school so we have a family mentality . The teachers are great and try to advocate for every type of learner. They prepare us for college as best they can; so if you're not up for a challenge, this isn't the school for you. The goal is to get a diploma as well as an Associate's degree with the extra help of everything being free. This school is one of the best out there with great testing scores and a supportive environment. Every aspect of the school is paving the way for your individual success.
I got accepted as a freshman and now I am a senior and I have changed so much. When I first came I didn't really take a seriously but they continued to support me and keep me on track with resources from both the college and the high school and now I'm a 4.0 student. Even though there aren't any sports the clubs are pretty good and there are tons on on campus events on the college campus that make up for that. Theres' always something good happening on campus you just have to read the bulletins and check your emails. Most of the teachers are nice and super caring. I love my teachers I feel like I can talk to them on both a personal and academic level. Shout out to Mrs. Nelsen and Mrs. Jefferson. Now the work load can get hectic sometimes but that's because I procrastinate but wok well under pressure. If you hate stress and workloads don't procrastinate it's that easy. Soar is a great school and I highly recommend that incoming freshman attend.
the atmosphere here is amazing there is no bullying nor drama if there is drama you don't really here about it
The school is the perfect learning environment for students who are determined and serious about there education. The people there are very friendly and everyone is willing to help everyone. The teachers are very invested in there students learning experience and even have extra hours of tutoring to get the extra aid they need in there class. Overall the school is very well rounded and I would highly recommend to everyone who is serious about having a jump start in life.
Soar Is a great school. I really like this school because the teachers, the students and the campus are great. The Campus is big so you can walk around on your breaks. The students are nice. There are no fights in this school and everyone is nice. The teachers are great too because they teach very good.
This school is really great it helps to pit you forward on what you want to do and also it helps you to make good friends. The teachers are helpful and you could learn so much here only wish the food was better some days and other than that its a great school. But have no sports which is a bummer.
I like how SOAR prepares us to be ready for college. I feel we can improve on other aspects of the school like clubs and sports.
SOAR is a great school especially for college readiness. Also, it has great programs that have students taking college courses while taking high school courses which really cuts down on money later on.
Despite there being no sports, it is a great school because of the fantastic teachers and beautiful campus.
The soar staff is very passionate and talented in their fields and whenever I ran into any problems with other classmates, they would intervene. They are very knowledgable; they answer any of my questions. They take their jobs very seriously but are not afraid to let loose sometimes.
My experience during the almost two years I have been at SOAR High school, as a sophomore, has been absolutely amazing! I love that I am getting a chance to attend a college and possibly earn my Associates degree. It is an amazing program that pushes students to their academic rise. It challenges its students to do their very best and work for everything they've got. The atmosphere given off by every one of the students and staff is positive. I feel so encouraged to do my absolute best. I truly enjoy the time I have spent at SOAR.
Soar high school is a great place to learn at where everyone welcomes you.There's a very good happy and friendly learning environment here,where kids are free to express there opinions.This school also helps us prepare for college and make sure that we have a plan for our future.
SOAR High School is very good in many things, like their teachers, college readiness, and positive mindsets. The one thing that I would change are very minor things like, the stalls of the bathrooms being a pain to deal with.
SOAR has a very welcoming environment, by both the students and the staff. Everyone is more than happy to help you with whatever it is you need, like tutoring or counseling. The teachers are tough on you because they care and want you to be successful. Resources and student-lead clubs and events are useful to your academic and social life. The work load is oftentimes overwhelming and demanding, but they encourage breaks when the time comes.
The teachers and staff are wonderful, but the atmosphere is tense. Many students are ambitious and are there for a reason. There is not much recreational activities, there are clubs but most are focused on community service or societal issues. There is no stress relief programs integrated, such as PE or any arts programs, and those offered at the college the SOAR students are not allowed to take. If a student wants to do something outside of school its hard to schedule because of the block schedule and night classes. In many cases, students are more focused on receiving a good grade rather than learning the actual content which can lead to some predicaments. The school and academics are outstanding and being in a college helps get ready for actual university, but it will take up a lot of time and energy out of your day which makes extracurriculars hard to do.
SOAR High is an amazing high school that isn't for everyone but if you do go it is a great chance to get ahead of the competition and have a greater chance of getting into the college of your dreams. It is a place where you need great work ethic and you need to know when to use the resources given to you. Overall I would recommend sending your child to this school.
SOAR is an excellent early college high school that allows students to take college courses that help develop a better understanding of independence and hard work.

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