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When you get to high school and certainly when you get to college you know that you are going to be asked to write a number of essays. In many cases the essay topic will be decided for you. You have no choice. But this is not the case all of the time. In a number of cases you will be asked to come up with the title and the topic of your essay.

When that happens, it inevitably means that some students will scratch their head and try and think of something to write about. You can overcome that problem or better still, you can prevent the problem from ever occurring if you start to collect good essay topics. It is very easy to do.

Get the filing system correct

So you're taken that piece of advice and decided to keep a record of any interesting or exciting essay topic you stumble upon at some time in your education. Great move because it does have positive benefits. But the secret to your success is your storage system. Where will you file the names of these essay topics?

Think about it for a moment because a tidy mind makes for a happy student. You could have a notebook and keep it in a secure place and into which you add the name of each new essay topic whenever you come across it. You could have a file on your PC or tablet or even in your phone and add new essay topics to this file or folder whenever you think of them.

But then we come to the subject of access. If you can't remember where you filed it or if you lose the hardcover book in which you started to write your essay topics, then you are in trouble. So it's not so much a matter of you being brilliant in your thinking as much as it is you being brilliant in your organization.

What makes a good essay topic?

First of all they need to excite you. If you are not excited by the essay topic then the person reading what you've written won’t be excited either. Then it needs to be a topic which has lots of excellent and worthwhile research material. It needs to be a topic which lends itself to controversy. Here are some examples of good essay topics. As you read through them, consider whether or not they excite you, will have lots of available research resource material and whether or not they are controversial.

  • Are we slaves to fashion?
  • Women will never be able to break through the glass ceiling.
  • Education in primary and secondary schools should see the girls separated from boys.
  • How old should a person be when they are allowed to go on a date?
  • Is it humane to use animals for scientific experiments?
  • Does the death penalty for humans reduce the number of serious crimes?

Finding a Topic

Picking the right topic for an essay can save any writer time and can help set up the essay for potential success before beginning. A bad topic will do the opposite and can lead to a frustrating writing experience. With this in mind, here are a few elements a writer should always consider when considering a potential essay topic:

  1. Pick a topic that interests you:  The more interested you, as the writer, are in the topic, the easier it will be to write about.  If the essay requires research and the use of outside sources, pick a topic that you are interested in learning more about to make the research process more interesting.
  2. Pick a topic that you have experience with:  Having experience with a particular subject provides a foundation that can be expanded upon through the writing process. The more experience you have with a particular topic, the better.  However, keep in mind that having experience with a particular subject is not the same as being an expert (although you may, in fact, be one), but some form of experience provides a basis for writing and possible research. 
  3. Pick a topic that will interest the reader: If the topic interests you but doesn’t interest others, it may not be worth writing about. Remember that good writers consider their audience throughout the process, even at this early stage.  This often means avoiding topics that have been written about extensively and, instead, choosing topics that are more current. 
  4. Make sure the topic fits the guidelines for the essay: Even if your paper is interesting and well written, if it doesn’t fit the guidelines established by the instructor, the end result will not be successful. When in doubt, discuss the topic with the instructor and make sure it is appropriate before beginning.
  5. If outside sources must be used, make sure there are enough credible sources available: If you must perform and incorporate research into your essay, do some of this research before committing to the topic. Starting to organize or write and later finding out that there aren’t enough sources to use can waste a lot of time. To avoid this, make sure that there are enough credible sources to use before committing to a topic and beginning the actual writing. For more information on doing research, view the finding sources and effective internet searches pages.

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