Wsu Admissions Essay Question

Students 25 and older

You’re considered an adult student for admission purposes if you’ll be 25 years or older on your first day of classes at WSU and have less than one year’s worth of college work to transfer.

If you’re considered a freshmen, please include the following materials:

  • Have your high school send us an official transcript with graduation date. If you have a GED, have the testing agency send us your official GED transcript instead.
  • If you have completed some college courses, also have the college (or colleges) you attended send us your official transcripts.

In addition to your application and transcripts, please also send:

  1. A resume covering the last five years; and
  2. A brief essay (no more than one page) addressing why you want to attend WSU.

Homeschool Graduate

Did you complete some or all of your schooling at home? You’re welcome at WSU and your requirements are nearly the same as other freshmen!

  • Have your official scores from the SAT or the ACT and official transcripts from any high schools or colleges attended sent.

And send one of the following:

  • An academic resume that provides documentation of all subjects studied and textbooks used, including the signature of the parent or guardian; responsible for the student’s curriculum
  • Or an official transcript from the GED exam.

What do you get when you combine the best of a small liberal arts college with the immense resources of a major research university? The WSU Honors College, of course.

Challenges for strong scholars and creative thinkers

As an honors student at WSU, you will:

  • Engage one-on-one with excellent professors in small, discussion-based classes.
  • Immerse yourself in new discoveries through community service projects or your own academic research.
  • Be eligible for additional scholarship awards.
  • Earn a certificate of global competencies to add to your degree.

Honors rewards

The honors experience comes with plenty of personal rewards — now and in the future:

  • You’re part of a distinct community in a world-class university environment.
  • Future employers won’t even have to ask you to step outside the box, because you’ll already know how to think creatively across the usual divides.
  • You’ll also have developed a strong ability to employ critical reasoning and research.
  • You could earn national recognition for your achievements—nearly every year, at least one WSU honors student’s research is published in a scholarly journal.
  • An Honors College certificate can open doors to prestigious graduate and professional programs nationwide.

Making the grade

Admission to the Honors College is very competitive, but there’s more to it than grades and test scores.

The Honors admission committee also considers the rigor of your high school course work, your response to the Honors essay question, and other factors that are included in the Honors College application.

Transfer students with a college GPA of 3.5 or above are eligible for admission consideration and should call 509-335-4505 to arrange an appointment with an Honors advisor.

The Honors College does not require extra fees to participate.

Visit the Honors College for applications and more information.

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