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Team Apollo:




  • Friday 03/09 - PSSA worksheet


Social Studies

  Monday 3/5 - Interest Groups Packet (Office Mix optional)

  Tuesday 3/6 - Interest Groups Packet Due and Study Guide day

Wednesday 3/7 - Unit 5 Review Game

Thursday 3/8 - Unit 5 Study Guide Dueand Unit 5 Test

Friday 3/9 - Unit 6 Intro and Vocab



Tuesday 2/20 - Wednesday in class we will be writing our Text Dependent Analysis Essays. Today students will have prepared by reading "Paranka's Dumplings" in class. 

Wednesday 2/21 - TDA essay in class (No Homework other than book report)

Thursday 2/22 - Chapters 1 and 2 of Hiroshima Novella in class (No Homework orther than book report)

Friday 2/23 - Book report must be an informational book. The report may be typed or handwritten and must include a 4-5 sentence summary for 5 sections/chapters of the text, Honors must include a 4-5 sentence summary for 8 sections/chapters of the text.)

Monday 2/26 - Informational Book Report Due (Summarize sections on lined paper or typed!) 



M 2/26 No homework

T 2/27 Skills Practice Lesson 7

W 2/28 Skills Practice Lesson 7

TH 3/1 Complete Chapter 6 Study Guide and be prepared to go over answers at the beginning of Friday's class

F 3/2 Complete Chapter 6 Performance Task if not completed in class

M 3/5 Study for Test

T 3/6 Test No Homework




M 2/26 Fraction Two Step Equations

T 2/27 Two Step Equation Word Problems

W 2/28 Performance Task due Monday/planning sheet Friday

T 3/1 Study Guide

F 3/2 Study for Test

M 3/5 Test No Homework





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