Griffith University Essay Structure

Sharpen your research and analytical skills in order to improve your performance at university. This is a hands-on 'learn by doing' subject that challenges you to think more critically and to present your work more professionally.

It teaches you how to evaluate information sources, helps you move beyond Google to indexes and databases and exposes you to primary research methods commonly used in the communications field (eg. surveys, content analysis). As you polish your referencing skills you learn how to write in a variety of styles, from mini reviews to essays and formal research reports. This subject is recommended for communications students but may also be useful to other students who wish to improve their academic skills and/or knowledge of the media.

This subject is part of the Humanities Pathway.
OUA Pathways recommends the best subjects to start your studies, even if you're not sure which degree you want to do. Each pathway includes four subjects based on your area of interest. Once you complete your recommended path you'll be able to choose from a range of degrees in your area of interest. Plus, each of the subjects you complete through OUA Pathways can also be credited towards your chosen degree.

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