Maastricht University International Business Admission Essay

To ensure a dynamic group process within our ‘International Classroom’ educational concept, it is imperative that our student population consists of people willing and able to actively participate in the tutorial groups, so that there can be a real exchange of ideas. As of 2017-2018 the Dutch government has granted us the right to use ‘International Classroom’ (IC) as an additional admission requirement. For this requirement, we will not only look at whether or not you have an international profile, but your motivation, plans for the future and way of looking at the world around you are also important in the assessment.

What does this mean for you?
When you apply for BSc Economics and Business Economics, you will need to complete the International Classroom (IC for short) requirement questionnaire, consisting of 11 questions on different subjects. You will receive this questionnaire via email once our Student Services Centre has assessed your application and has concluded that you meet the admission requirements for this programme. Please check the timeline for the IC-procedure in the box on the right.

We will assess your questionnaire to determine whether you meet the ‘IC’ requirement. If the outcome of your questionnaire is not sufficient to meet the IC-criteria, we will have to reject your application. This would mean that you will not be able to start the BSc Economics and Business Economics programme. 

Does everyone need to submit this survey?
You can be exempted from the International Classroom-requirement if:

  • you are following a so-called TTO (=Tweetalig onderwijs)-education in the Netherlands or;
  • you are following from the International Baccalaureate Diploma-programme.

If you meet one of those criteria, you don’t have to fill out the survey and your place in the programme will be guaranteed. 

We understand that you cannot show your final diploma yet, instead you need to get a statement from your high school indicating that you do indeed belong to one of these groups. Please find the appropriate formats below, download them, fill them out and have them completed and certified by your school. After that, please scan the statement and send it to us via email
(ebeadmissions-sbe[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl) whilst also indicating your student number for Maastricht University, so that we can add them to your file.

Download: standard statement TTO
Download: standard statement Int. Bac.

And what is the Matching-survey?
Besides the IC-survey, we will also send out the so-called Matching survey. This survey is aimed at helping you decide whether you are making the right choice, whether this is the right programme for you. Once you have filled out the matching survey, we will provide you with advice. This advice is not binding, you can still start the programme as long as you have applied before the deadline (15 March) and have met the IC-requirement.

Important dates:

1 October

Studielink is open for applications for the academic year 2018-2019,
you can submit your application

15 January

Early Application Deadline BSc Economics and Business Economics

15 FebruaryOutcome if applied before 15 January
15 MarchUltimate Application Deadline BSc Economics and Business Economics

15 April

Outcome if applied after 15 January but before 15 March


Matching procedure plus International Classroom requirements:

Your admissibility

You can also reach us via telephone
Monday-Friday from 8:30-17:00

1. Submit your curriculum vitae

Use the standard curriculum vitae. When you have finalised your cv, please convert it to PDF and upload it to My UM using the category 'Curriculum vitae'.

2. Write a letter of motivation

Use the standard Letter of motivation. There are three questions you need to answer. The maximum number of words per answer is 250, it is not allowed to use more words. When you have finalised the answers in your motivation letter, please convert the document to PDF and upload it to My UM using the category 'Motivation letter'.

3. Submit a Certified Statement of Grades

Use the standard Certified statement of grades. This form has to be filled out by a representative of your high school, such as a dean or a teacher, please find an elaborate instruction for them in the standard template (last page). When they have finalised and certified the statement, please scan it as a PDF-form. You can then upload it to My UM using the category 'Other'. Please note that submitting your list of grades from the year before the final year is not sufficient, nor can we use your list of grades from the final year. We really need the standard template for the Certified Statement of Grades with the grades from the year before your final year of high school.

4. Submit supporting documents

Use the standard Supporting documents form to submit additional documents, which prove the experiences you have indicated in your curriculum vitae.

These proofs can for example be statements from your school, employers, voluntary organizations, and certificates from language course etc. Please note that experiences mentioned in your cv, but not supported by formal proof/supporting documents will not be considered in the evaluation. Consequently, this can lead to a lower ranking. Please list the documents in chronological order and insert them into the Word-template we provide. When you have finalised the supporting documents, please convert the Word-file to pdf. After you checked whether the converted pdf-file is easily readable, upload it to My UM using the category ‘Other’. If the file is too big for the upload, you can submit two documents, as long as you are still using the standard template.

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