Attention Getter For Hero Essay Outline

Rough copy Essay outlineNo sweats- Rubi GaryfalakisATen±on geTer- Benefts oF sweatshops in third war countries (Rubi, n. d)²hesis statement- Most women in third war countries work in a sweatshop to enjoy many Freedoms and not being enslaved and Forced to get married prematurely, earn liTle income to manage their living expenses, and to have a beTer Future. (Rubi, n. d) Main point 1-Sweatshop gives women independence. (Rubi, n. d)Suppor±ng ideasMost women without a job are Forced to seTle For marriageWomen could decide when to marry and have childrenSweatshop changes the perspec±ve oF people towards women Main point 2- ²he income gives women the opportunity to manage their fnances. (Rubi, n. d)Suppor±ng ideasWomen could a³ord to live in their own roomsWomen could save to sustain their living expensesMain point 3- Sweatshop gives young women a beTer Future (Rubi, n. d)Suppor±ng ideasSweatshop job gives young women to avoid pre-marital marriage.Women could Further their educa±on to improve their business skills.Concluding sentence- Sweatshop gives women independence, to help them manage their fnances, and help them have a beTer Future

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