Brave New World And 1984 Comparison Essay

1984 vs. Brave New World

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There are lots of ways to compare 1984 by George Orwell to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. They both have to do with very futuristic ideas.

I noticed that they both had basically the same character structure. In 1984, there is the leading lady Julia, and in Brave New World, there is Lenina Crowne.

The main male character in 1984 is of course Winston Smith, and the leading man in Brave New World is a cross between Bernard Marx and John the so-called savage.

There are also two god-like figures in
the novels. I noticed this. One is O'Brien from 1984 and the other is
Mustapha Mond from Brave New World.

The basic ideas of the two novels are also similar. They have to do with rebellion against the so-called perfect new world and the sanctuary
they find at the end. John the savage found peace by hanging himself. (It
was hard to notice that, but I did. It made an excellent ending to the novel.)

Bernard found peace by being transferred to an island where things were different and supposedly better. Winston found peace by being brainwashed into becoming a person with a totally different personality so that things felt more agreeable.

     A highly discussed topic in both of the books was sex. In 1984,
Winston felt like sex was a rebellion. He is drawn to his lover Julia because
she is corrupt and she enjoys sex, although she hides it by being a member of the "anti sex rally". In Brave New World, sex isn't looked upon as a crime, nor is pleasure. In fact, sex is promoted. As long as everyone uses regulation birth control and no one gives birth to a child naturally, then sex is considered perfectly normal. It is even promoted with the children who are decanted, which means that the Utopian embryos are taken out of the bottles in which they've matured. The sexual activities the children participate in is called "erotic play", in which they run around naked exploring one another's bodies in which ever way they please. It is designed to forestall any adult feelings of guilt concerning sex when they are older.

So that is one way in which the two stories differ. One promotes sex where
the other doesn't and actually demotes it.

     I will now compare Lenina Crowne to Julia. Lenina Crowne is a girl who would be described as voluptuous or the majority of the Utopian society in which she lives call her pneumatic.

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It is obvious that Lenina's life revolves around sex and amusements, and also that the men find her to be extremely attractive. Julia is a simple woman who uses sex for fun as well as for rebellion and hides her personality behind her good girl image. She stands for something forbidden. And both of the girls end up betraying their lovers in the end.

     Bernard Marx and Winston Smith are two characters who are extremely alike. They both know that there is something different about them than from anyone else. They're rebellious and as far as they know, they might be the only men of their kind. They have forbidden thoughts and are considered odd by others.

Another interesting point is that both of the novels have machines that tell you things while you're sleeping. In 1984 it is the telescreen and in Brave New World it is called hypnopaedia. The telescreen is a giant tv screen in every public and private place that both transmits Party propaganda and entertainment, and keeps and eye on Party members, looking for traces of thoughtcrime. Hypnopaedia is teaching during sleep.

     If I were to choose which society to live in, I would probably choose to live in the Utopian society rather than Oceania. Although both novels are extremely negative, I'd rather be safe and have fun and even be brainwashed then be hiding my true thoughts and living in fear.

Overall, I think both books were very cleverly written and excellent examples for what novels about the future should be like. I think the most common topic for stories is rebellion. Think of Animal Farm which is also by George Orwell. It has to do with animals rebelling against the farmers. The topic of futuristic rebellion is definitely used in lots of ways.     

A comparison between "1984" and "Brave New World"

Dette er en sammenligning mellom Aldous Huxleys "Brave New World" og George Orwells "1984". Den er skrevet på en IB-skole.

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Brave new world

The two books “Brave New World” and “1984” have both been credited for being a thought starter for many people. As “Brave New World” was written first, it is only fair to say that it was this book that influenced and inspired Georg Orwell to write 1984 (even though he says himself that “Brave New World” hadn’t that large impact on his book). This essay will then look at the book “Brave New World” and the movie “1984” (based on the book “1984”), we will look at similarities and differences between them both and then see how much “Brave New World” has influenced “1984”.


To start off, this essay will look at the main theme in both books. They both shares the “world dictatorship”-theme, there are however some differences between these: In “Brave New World” we get a look on how the society really work and how the world is divided. It comes clear in the book that there is an absolute dictatorship that is common to all the parts of our world. In “1984” however, there are some differences: First of all, we do not really know what anything of what is happening around the world. What we do get out is that the world is divided into three: Oceania, East-Asia and Eurasia. There are apparently always wars between these and there are always two against one, it comes clear in the film however that the war might not be as real as the state wants people to think. All in all we do not really know what is happening around the world, so there is no evidence that states that there is a total dictatorship all over the world, if there actually is a world divided into three, or if there is something completely else going on.


As there are two completely different states in the books with two different views on how a society should be organized, you suddenly get two very different standards of living. In “Brave New World” the society is divided into different classes: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon. Alphas are the leading class and are on the top, Epsilons are on the bottom. People’s access to literature, knowledge, different goods etc. is decided then depending on a person’s class (cannot have Epsilons running around knowing stuff you know).Because of conditioning (which is the way children are raised in “Brave New World”) they do not oppose this class system, but praise it (even the Epsilons). When we then look over once again at the situation in “1984” we see something completely different: Instead of dividing the society, they tend more to gather the society into one class (and not in the positive way). They try to push all the people down to the proletariat, and to make everyone live on the minimum. This gives the consequence that everyone ends up in utterly poverty, removing luxury goods and leaves the general living standard at a low level. There are of course those with privileges that guarantee them a higher standard than from the rest, we do not get any idea of how many these are.


The economic system in both books seems to be fairly similar: In both books each worker gets some money for the work they are doing. In “Brave New World” there is a command economic system, and as Oceania is a dictatorship in “1984” it would be logical if it were the same there. In “Brave New World” the citizens are encouraged to consume and buy stuff, and they are conditioned to buy new things rather than repair the old. This is very contradicting as the state owns everything, but still makes the people buy things. In “1984” there is a rationing system; this is however very insufficient and slow so people do often not get what they need. The workers do get some salary, and there are some shops where they can buy trinkets if they want to.


There is something that strikes as common in both books, and that is that they both seem to like helicopters. In both cases, helicopters are used as a mean of transport. In “Brave New World” it is only the higher classes who are allowed to use them (Alphas and Betas) while in “1984” only the state (such as police and military) are allowed to use helicopters. As you can see now, not everybody has access to this machine: And they who do not, have to take to their feet and walk.


If we start looking at the religious parts in both books, they do not share the same views. In “1984” there is no religion at all, they are only told that “Big Brother” is the person to follow and that there are no others (no God, no other person and no other object). In “Brave New World” however, there is one type of religion: Fordism. The religion in “Brave New World” is not really something conservative and strict (like Catholic Christianity); it is more another way for the state to keep the masses happy and out of solitude and trouble. Even though there is a religion, it is not much focused on in the book and is not really talked much about among the citizens.


One thing that the state in both books have managed to do, is that they have urbanized the population. There is no longer anyone living out in the rural areas, and no one works on farms or in the woods gathering resources to the masses. In “1984” they have managed this through war and economic pressure. There is no longer any need for farmers, so to be able to get the rations needed they have to move to cities to work in factories. There was also a war that most probably destroyed most of the infrastructure in the rural areas, and since no one has any money; they have to move into the cities (where there is still some places left to live). In “Brave New World” the state managed this through conditioning. They conditioned the people to hate nature, and that a walk in the forest is something one just does not do. Since everybody is living in the cities now, both states can more easily manage and keep control of the population. This also boosts the factories and production as there are more people to join the workforce.


The last point to be brought up is the military situation in both books. In “Brave New World” the state has completely de-militarized the world, as there is no more need for a military protection. There is also no need for lethal weapons or any heavy armored police as the one “riot” that was in the book was calmed down with drugs and subliminal messages. “1984” is another story: Here the state suppresses everyone with physical violence, torture and threats. There is also an ongoing war, but one understands that there is something suspicious about this war and it turns out to be more a “war” than an actual war. The state has a riot police and most police officers are heavily armed so that they may take out any citizens when they feel that they have to.


The themes in “1984” and “Brave New World” are both very common. Apart from a few differences one can see that the underlying scene is quite similar in both books: The grim future where our freedom has been taken away and a one-state party is controlling us. Even though the theme is similar, the author of this essay would say that they are two completely different books and have not read both books if you have read one of them. So if you as a reader find these interesting: Read both of them!

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