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Stand and Deliver in the Film Blackboard Jungle

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Richard Dadier played by Glen Ford, at the all-boys inner-city North Manual High School. The school’s students are juvenile delinquents exhibiting violent and anti-social behavior. The film portrays the challenges Mr. Dadier and the other teachers face in their efforts to reach the students and capture their interests to learn. The result of the violence he experiences at school is revealed in Mr. Dadier’s home life as well; the effect it has on his wife causes him to consider resigning his position at the school. In a subplot, another new teacher at the school, an attractive single woman, Miss Lois Hammond played by Margaret Hayes, is attracted to Mr. Dadier.
The movie represented an important change in films, by presenting relevant cultural issues occurring in society. The film similarly had a significant effect in music by using Rock ‘n’ Roll music in the soundtrack, making Bill Haley and the Comets “Rock Around the Clock” an instant hit song. The movie received Academy Award nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay; Best Cinematography; Best Art Direction; and Film Editing. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) acknowledged the soundtrack among the most influential of all time explaining it by stating:
MGM brought Hollywood into the Rock 'n' Roll era with Blackboard Jungle. In search of the kind of music teens like the film's…

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...In the movie Stand and Deliver, directed by Ramon Menendez, Mr. Escalante who starts teaching math at a poor high school meets several difficulties at the beginning of the movie. When Mr. Escalante is driving down the street on his way to Garfield High School, he begins to notice dirty walls that are full of graffiti, closed shops, gang members, and poor people. When Mr. Escalante arrives at the school, he notices that there is no order in the hallways. Such as students are late for classes, and they are disrespectful to teachers. Mr. Escalante is supposed to be a computer teacher at Garfield High School; however, he is told that this high school does not have any computers. As the result, he becomes a math teacher who is determined to “change the system and challenge the students to a higher level of achievement.” Mr. Escalante is at first not well liked by students, receiving an immense amount of laughs and tricks. The reason is that students in this high school focus more on entertainment rather than academics. All those tough situations do not defeat Mr. Escalante. He finds his way to solve them step by step. He does not react on the first day, letting the students talk back and throw paper at him. The next day he comes to class with a butcher’s knife and an apron on in order to get the class’s attention. He whacks a huge chunk of an apple out in front of the whole class, which immediately gets the students’ full attention and...

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