Enjoying Your Camping Trip Essays

The Many Benefits of a Camping Trip

Is your idea of a perfect holiday a camping trip where you get to reconnect with nature?

Many people love going camping during the summer holidays in the many beautiful national parks and campsites around the country. A camping getaway can be a great way to unwind and reconnect with your family. Camping is not only fun, it has a huge range of other advantages as well.

Financial Benefits

If you have a small travel budget, going camping can be a great way to have a fun holiday for a lot less. Camping is a very inexpensive alternative to the traditional holiday. The cost per night at a campsite is much cheaper than a night in a hotel. Also, you will likely be cooking your own food over the campfire for at least a few of the nights of your camping holiday, which will be cheaper than dining in a restaurant.

Camping is usually a time when you go back to basics and enjoy simple pursuits such as reading, hiking, swimming and playing games together as a family. This will save you money as well because all of these activities don’t have to cost a thing! You won’t be tempted to blow your holiday budget at a high end sho
pping mall, expensive theme park or other pricey location.

Health Benefits

Going on a camping holiday also has many physical benefits which will improve your health. Being outdoors in the sunshine will help to boost the levels of Vitamin D in your body which maintains the calcium in your blood and keeps your bones strong. Studies have also shown that vitamin D helps to ward off depression and decrease your risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure and certain forms of cancer.

Many people also find that they get a better sleep when they are on a camping holiday, because they are sleeping in the fresh air miles away from the noise and bustle of the city. A good night’s sleep will lower stress and benefit the immune system.

Also, while you are camping you will likely participate in activities such as swimming, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing and more. Increasing your physical activity is incredibly beneficial for your health and will help you to lower your blood pressure, lose weight, improve circulation, and strengthen your muscles and much more.

The peace and quiet and relaxing atmosphere of camping will also help to reduce your mental stress and enjoying the serenity of the great outdoors will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated!

Benefits for Your Kids

Besides the financial and physical benefits that you will receive from camping, your children will also enjoy many advantages.

Children these days just don’t spend nearly as much time playing in the great outdoors as they used to a generation ago, especially with all of the exciting electronic devices like computers and video games which occupy their attention. According to a study by the National Wildlife Federation on children and their behaviours, the average time that any given child spends in the outdoors enjoying unstructured play is only four to seven minutes per day.

When you go camping, you allow your kids to reconnect with nature and play outside in the fresh air. They will be able to run wild, meet other children and set their imagination free. A camping trip might be just what your kids need!

These are just a few of the many benefits that a camping trip can bring! With so many advantages, it is no wonder why families all over the country choose to go camping during their summer holidays every year. Where will you go on your next camping trip?

There are so many benefits to heading to campsites UK and enjoying a holiday in the great outdoors with your family!

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When life develops day by day, people tend to be stressful stressed out, stressful : causing a lot of anxiety and worry Ex: Stressful time ( for thing) by working,studying…Everyday, they usually encounter a lot lots of= a lot of pressure. That is the reason why whenever they have time, they almost always look for some comfortable places, some leisure activities to entertain themselves.

An activity that I would like to recommend to you is going camping. I think it’s an interesting activity for you and you will be satisfy satisfied after joining. Why not? After working hard and studying hard, if you and your family or your friends have time for camping, you all can enjoy those wonderful moments together. There are a lot of fantastic things, such as: learning many skills about how to make a tent, how to prepare a barbecue for all of you, how to hold some games, how to connect all of people and develop relationships also…Beside that, you go camping that means you go back nature so you can discover it and enjoy this atmosphere, its air is very fresh and very “wild” – I think it’s a new thing for you… excellent

I went camping at the second year of univerity, two dayS one night. I went to Nam Cat Tien national park with my friends. Actually, It was the first camping I had during university period so I was very eager before the trip. We decided to use motobike to go there, because we thought that we could enjoy landscapeS along the road we went through. Just because we went there at dawn so we – teenagers – felt that it was really THE biggest ONE, it was a new thing we never had before. That was a very nice experience I think you should try it.

We prepared a lot of food before the trip because we are students, you know, saving money is the best way ^^. At Nam Cat Tien national park, we rented a tent from a center there (I forgot its name). Manager of this center helped( HELP S.O DO S.T) us to find some firewoods FIREWOOD, (UNCOUNT N) to cook ourselves and led us up??? tent. He also guided us to some famous places in the forest. We were very excited and thankful to him. We took a lot LOTS OF photos together and discovered some new plans PLANTS and trees, maybe they were famous but we hadn’t known before. At night some girls prepared somefood to roast GRILL IS BETTER, some soft drinks and some boys prepareD some firewoods, after that we had a campfire.

Of course we had some games to play together also, but the thing I liked best was eating roasted batatas(sweet potatos or yams), how interested we were! We enjoyed this moment until 2 a.m of THE nextday with a lot of songs, now I am thinking about it but still feel great! But you know, because Nam CatTien is a THE biggest forest, it has a lot=> LOTS OF mosquitos, also insects so we were bitten. We forgotpreparing some insect drugs so we got a little annoyance. The next day, we came back “Xì Gòn” HEHE but we got a problem, three of motobikes ran out of energy FUEL, GASOLINE but there was not any gas station around there. We got confused and the manager helped us solve this problem again, otherwise we had to go to the gas station which is about 20 kilometer to buy gas. God blessed us!

It is really memorable, I was satisfied with this camping but I have some advisesADVICE for you. If you want to get a nice trip – I think no trip is perfect, but try to reduce some problems it is also good for you getting TO GET a nice trip – you should make plan carefully, how much money do you think enough? Which transport will you use? What food do you think it’s suitable? You should find OUT some information about the place you will go to? You should equip yourself with some necessary skills for a camp…Try to control things you think they are under your control.

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