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Rushessay is another participant in the essay writing services market on the Internet. Obviously experienced and reasonably priced, Rushessay is the old player in this niche and have recommended itself as fast and reliable resource. There are tons of really good and memorable reviews about this place and they are all legit. But there are some, which cast a bit of a shadow on this venerable and highly professional team of writers. We tried to do a bit of research on the subject matter and present honest opinion.

The website boasts colorful design and 15% discount for the first order banner screams from the home page. This looks more than just promising. The company offers number of essay and writing-related services which are not only of high quality, but very quick as well. This website offers rush essays for reasonable price and time. The order procedure is user-friendly and easy to navigate. One can choose the required service, pay for it and count precious minutes until getting the much needed essay.

One could think this is a win-win situation. Perhaps, the stars aligned the wrong way or the writer experienced some difficulties while fulfilling his duties, but the final product is not the thing we would like to see in the end, considering $140 we spend for this investigation. Some of the mixed reviews seem to be quite true. The subject matter is not thoroughly discussed and the key points are not revealed fully. There are minor orthographical mistakes, which is a huge surprise for the company like this. It is really a minor nuisance, but it makes the whole picture somewhat pale in comparison to other websites which work on this market.

There is something wrong on the deadline department too, because we received the paper few minutes later than were initially promised. I do not know if this is the server mistake or the time zone difference error. We can blame whoever we want, but the fact is the fact. Rush essays is not that precisely deadline-wise careful. We were not very fortunate with the experience, and it seems the mixed review team gets richer by one more convert.

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Rush Essay are just one of many writing services online that say they’re a legit way to outsource your essays. As a busy student, that does sound very tempting. As a service though, are they really legit? With so many sites turning out to be a scam, you need to be careful. This review has everything you need to know.

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Table of contents

  1. Service – 4/10
  2. Quality of Writers – 3/10
  3. Prices – 4/10
  4. Deadlines – 3/10
  5. Customer Service – 3/10
  6. Conclusion – 4/10

Service – 4/10

If you need a writing service, there’s plenty on offer with RushEssay. The website shows several different services they offer, including resume writing, dissertations, reports, and more. It’s impressive to see what they cover, but can their writers really turn their hand to such different styles of writing? If you want an expert in a certain style of writing, we can expect that you’ll be waiting for a while.

Quality of Writers – 3/10

Judging by past reviews of, it seems that how good your essay is really depends on whether you get a good writer. Some writers are excellent at their jobs, but others have delivered less than usable essays. The reason seems to be because the writer’s level of English wasn’t up to standard.

Prices – 4/10

The average essay ordered through a writing service is an undergraduate level essay, that’s 2 pages long and delivered within 10 days. With Rush Essay, that will cost you $49.90. For some students, this is a fairly average price. You can also get a promotion code to get a discount of 5%, when you order 13 or more pages. This seems like a good deal, but there are better writers who can write for you, for less.

Deadlines – 3/10

You want to know that you’re safe ordering from a writing company, and that they’ll deliver to you on time. Most reports say that RushEssay deliver all essays on time. A small minority, though, say that their essays came late. This is a concern, as you need your order to be on time.

Customer Service – 3/10

There’s a 24/7 customer service support team, who can be reached via free online methods if you sign up on the site, or via their contact number. There are reports that they can’t always get you what you need though, especially if you need a refund, thanks to stricter rules than advertised. Read the details before you place that order. Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on Rush Essay: can be a good to login/sign in to for an account, but only if you get a good writer. You could get a bad one who can’t handle your order properly. They’re not an illegal/legal site like others are, but they shouldn’t be your first choice when it comes to your essay.

Rated: 1.9

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