Hb 302 Homework Market

Pros: He knows what he is talking about.

Cons: His communication skills are lacking. It's an 8:00AM course. He covers the material before it has a chance to sink in. Despite being open with office hours, he isn't all that helpful.

First, let me say that although I struggled immensely in this class, I have tremendous respect for this man. I have a learning style different from others and therefore Dr. Schmidgall's teaching style and the way I learn did not mesh all that well. I learn by doing. When learning algebra, geometry, and even accounting, I would do problem after problem in class and then some more at home. Dr. Schmidgall expects his class to go figure it out on their own. He covered qualitative rather than quantitative data in his class and left the quantitative problems for the class to figure out as homework. Consequently, I became lost and fell behind almost immediately. If I had it my way, I would switch that model around. I would much prefer to cover qualitative material at home and work practical problems in class (where I can ask questions and see relationships among items and have them explained to me) and then go home to practice some more. I also felt that this class was a prep course for future CPAs. Instead of using one uniform way of doing things/definitions, he will refer to the same item using several different definitions. He informed us that the real world does not use one set of definitions or a uniform way of doing things. If he wants us to learn, I believe he should stick with one uniform way or definition and let us worry about any possible differences once we enter the job market. If I was planning on becoming a CPA, I can understand this (since CPAs are working among many different businesses at one time). That said, however, if I enter one industry, I am going to learn how that industry does things and not worry about how other industries or companies deal with the same situations (ie how they keep their books). In any event, I cannot wait til this class is behind me.

Professor rated by: Hospitality Business Student on May 1, 2013


Энсей пользовался всеобщим уважением, работал творчески, с блеском, что дано немногим. Он был добрым и честным, выдержанным и безукоризненным в общении.

Самым главным для него была моральная чистота.

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